Patience is a Virtue

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(November 26, 2010)
I have been learning about patience lately. God did one of His God things and threw me into a place I didn’t think that I belonged. I got a funny word from Him in this particular instance. He told me that I first had to show patience, and then I had to be patient.

I got to researching what patience meant, and I came across something interesting.

In the new testament, there are two different words used for patience. The first is “makrothumia” which means “long-suffering.” The second is “hupomeno” which means to “abide under.”

Our most common interpretation of “patience” probably is something along the lines of “makrothumia” – the long-suffering one. Essentially, makrothumia means to wait for something.

A less considered use of “patience” is the second used in the new testament, “hupomeno” – the abiding under one. This one means to walk in something, endure through it, and see it to the end without losing resolve.

The word He gave me about this situation was to show patience, and then be patient. The more I have prayed about and considered this, the more I feel that sometimes when God calls is to “patience,” He doesn’t necessarily mean to wait. For me personally, I know that there is a period of time that I am waiting for something. But after that, I believe that I am supposed to do something and walk in it, endure through it, and see it through without losing resolve.

I wanted to share this because I feel that sometimes we look at things in our life and see that God’s timing means to wait until there will be no obstacles to face. Contrarily, I believe that sometimes God’s grace will deliver us to a place where He elects things for us do walk in if we so choose, and it isn’t a matter of us waiting on anything, it’s a matter of showing “hupomeno” and enduring what He has given us and seeing it through to the end and keeping Him in the center.

The Father redeems and sanctifies us by His choice and His grace. That means we don’t deserve it, and we don’t have to do anything for it. Just because you don’t see the timing make sense, doesn’t mean it’s not supposed to happen.

This is the difference between taking that big step of faith and God blessing your patience, and allowing something of the Lord to pass by. It’s the difference between waiting diligently and the Lord delivering you into your fullness in time, and being overly zealous and tainting or ruining something that the Lord was working.

We need to start being Christians that discern when God is expecting us to have makrothumia, and when He is expecting us to show hupomeno. Should you be waiting or enduring? It could be the difference between living one life and another.

What is God expecting of you?

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  2. A genuinely excellent publish by you my friend. I’ve bookmarked this page and will occur back following several days to examine for any new posts which you make.

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