What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
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(Septemper 15, 2009)

How many times have you been afraid, and it affected your actions? You let that passion get away from you. You gave up love. You didn’t chase your heart. Why? Was it worth it, or do you wish you had the courage to do? Did the fear of what people thought keep you from being true?

Let’s face it, life is short. I learned that last year when my best friend passed away at the young age of 17 and never got to see the future life had to offer. We read the news every day and hear about someone else who lost their battle with the grip that holds us from birth. The unfortunate facts are that most of those people, in that split second of retrospect, wish they had done things differently. Everyone has that situation they wished went better, that relationship they wish they handled better, that love they wish they chased, the dreams they wish they lived. Because the truth is that life isn’t perfect. We make mistakes and we let our passions slip away. Sometimes we don’t catch that dream. Sometimes the one gets away.

But what if we collectively caught the realization that we can’t live afraid anymore? Do you think we all would live happier lives? What if every time your heart was won by someone, you pursued them. What if you chased all of your dreams? What if you did make it to Hong Kong and became a missionary? What if you did go in for that interview you thought you didn’t have a shot at?

Do you see what I’m getting at?

We are so afraid of life, that we refuse to live it. And it is drowning us.

Please, for your own sake, close your eyes for once and just jump in. Stop being afraid to love, dream, and pursue. Don’t let what people think make you too afraid to experience your own heart, and don’t let the possibility of rejection make you too afraid to step out.

Start being honest. To yourself, and to the rest of the world. Before you have to look back and say, “I wish…”

(disclaimer: please note my ideas are written from a Christ-acknowledged perspective. Do not think that I am encouraging foolishness. Everything is subject to prayerfulness and ultimate obedience to the will of God…but you also can’t hide behind that as an excuse for your fear…)


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