Blood Under The Altar

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of Project:Ignite’s pursuit campaigns is called Blood Under The Altar. What this campaign focuses on is supporting persecuted believers around the world with resources, encouragement, and prayer. We believe strongly that these believers are at the forefront of the kingdom movement, standing for their faith even in the face of torture and death.

These believers may be members of a church in these persecuted areas, or they may simply be Christians living in an area that is controlled by religious extremists. We receive notices and alerts nearly every day about believers in China, India, Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea who are being attacked and killed by governmental and religious extremists.

In China and North Korea, secret police forces kidnap believers in the middle of the night, and even attack them in broad daylight. Cases of brutality against citizens in China is well known, and especially heinous against Christians. Many times, like in the case of Christian human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, people are kidnapped and tortured for weeks on end. Gao Zhisheng has been in and our of detention since February of 2009, for some spans of time up to 10 months, and is currently missing and feared dead.

In India, Pakistan, and Iran, religious extremists attack the homes and meeting places of Christians, burning homes and churches, and murdering women and children in front of churches as a message to other Christians who think they can defy the rules of Islam and Hinduism.

Our ministry works to provide a connection with Christians in the West to these passionate believers who face persecution and death every day. We hope to bring encouragement and hope to those who are persecuted, to show them the love and hope of fellowship in the Body of Christ, even though we cannot labor with them. And since these believers don’t have the same freedoms and resources that we have, we hope to help support them financially and resourcefully – sending critical need resources like blankets, toiletries, food & water, literature, and bibles to aid the persecuted and help replace losses in the face of attacks. And by raising awareness of our brothers and sisters’ persecution, we can strengthen the network of support and prayer across the world to strengthen their faith with the love of the Body.

This is a critical campaign, because the perseverance of the persecuted sustains the Body in places of the world where faith in Christ is rejected. By their strength and testimony, the Gospel is spread through those areas by indigenous believers. To further the Kingdom, we must support the persecuted church and overcome the powers that seek to stop the spirit of the Great Commission.

By supporting Project:Ignite, you help us to host events and participate in conferences to raise awareness and support for believers who are persecuted overseas. You also provide critical financial support for those who are in need in places that get no recognition from the mainstream church.


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