Abortion is incompatible with being a Christian

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Steaks are incompatible with being vegan, war is incompatible with being pacifist, drugs are incompatible with being straight edge, crime is incompatible with being law enforcement, abortion is incompatible with being Christian. These things we know to be self-evident.

I used a number of metaphorical scenarios that display one thing that, if performed by a particular individual, by definition, contradicts who they profess to be and/or stand for. No arguments were made against the first four examples because, as the final sentence of the post states, they are self-evident truths. If true to their profession, no vegan eats steak, no pacifist wages war, no straight-edge does drugs, and no police officer breaks the law. They don’t do those things because, by virtue o their declaration, they are standing against that thing. It is antagonistic to them. Likewise, there are also other things that those individuals do not do because they are antagonistic to their profession. For example, a vegan would also not wear fur or drink dairy. A pacifist would also not vote for a pro-war politician. A straight-edge would also not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. You get the idea.

I, likewise, stated that, if true to their profession, no Christian has an abortion. Also likewise, there are other things that a Christian would not to. For example, pray to a false god, lie, steal, engage in or support sexual immorality such as homosexuality or extramarital sex, etc. Again, you get the idea.

Now, the reason these individuals would not to these things is because those things are incompatible and contradictory to their profession. Incompatible is defined as “So opposed in character as to be incapable of existing together,” or “Unable to live together harmoniously.” By these definitions, if that individual did do those things, they may not even be what they profess. At the very least, they cannot live harmoniously with their profession while those things exist in their life. I think both circumstances could be the case.

We are aware of why the other four scenarios are incompatible, I assume, as you did not contest them. It’s merely a matter of logic (again, as I state at the end of my post). Logically, there is no compatibility between a vegan and animal products. So, we will simply apply the same intended logic of incompatibility to Christians and find that those things are also incompatible. Now, the reason that the logic exists in these scenarios is because there are sets of rules, laws, and expectations with each of those professions that dictate what is compatible and appropriate. You may even argue that the rules and expectations exist because of the logic; this is an insignificant point however because the profession is defined by both. For instance, vegans and straight-edge have a set of beliefs and standards they set in place (diets, practices, etc) that structure the profession. Likewise, law enforcement and pacifists have laws and practices to define them.

In the same likeness, Christians have laws and practices that define them – it is called the Bible. This is the overlap of theology and logic. If something is illogical, it is likely contradictory to a particular theology. For this defense, we will simply assume that the Bible in its inerrancy is a stand-alone theology.

This being the case, we must compare my stated practice (abortion) to the theology of the Bible to determine compatibility.

Science dictates that human existence begins at the moment of conception (or fertilization). Once that human existence begins, that human falls into the confines of the Bible and its laws/practices/expectations. We see evidence of this in Psalm 51:5 referring to sin affecting the soul at conception, in Psalm 139:13 referring to being knitted together in the womb, in Jeremiah 1:5 referring to God knowing us before birth, in Luke 1:41 with Jesus and John the Baptist being active in perceiving spirits and reacting with joy in the womb, etc etc.

Working with that understanding, we see that humans begin to function within the confines of commandments, protections, and promises from the moment of conception. In that construct, if we look to one of the original 10 commandments, we see a command to not murder another human in Exodus 23:13. This commandment is devoid of qualifying aspects of it, and is a blanket statement to protect all humans both from being murdered and from the consequences of committing murder. Now, there are instances throughout the Bible where God, in His infinite righteousness and judgment, killed humans or ordered the killing of other humans. But we do not count these as contradictions of His commandment not to murder, as He functions as an eternally righteous judge that may both give and take life, whether through His hand or the hand of His people. But, we do see this function alleviate with the coming of the New Covenant through Christ, which was one of love that fulfilled the Law of Moses (Matthew 5:17).

Accounting all of this and understanding the nature of the law under the New Covenant, we understand that the commandments of the old law are still to protect from sin, but we have forgiveness of sins under the One who fulfilled the law. These commandments exist to protect from sin because, as we read in Romans 6:23, that the wages of sin is death. We understand that having sin in our lives is a barrier between us and God, preventing communion and fellowship. This is the constant state of existence we lived in before He saved us. As you referred to in Romans 7:15-25, Paul speaks to the ongoing war that is waged, even after we are saved, between our Spirit (which seeks to do God’s will) and our flesh (which seeks to do its own will). This war is dangerous and vicious, but it is the reason that Jesus is continually interceding on our behalf (Hebrews 7:25) and why He sent the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). This war is also very costly, and will result in many falling away from the faith to pursue their fleshly lusts (Matthew 24:10; 1 Timothy 4:1) and some even being turned over by God because they warred against Him over sexual immorality specifically (Romans 1:24-27).  In light of this, we must keep in mind that, simply because we have the capacity for sin, we ought not by any means sin – something Paul was very adamant about even whilst revealing the deadly nature of sin, also revealing the perpetual power of redemption through Christ (Romans 6). Jesus went further than this and spoke to the dangers of sinning while appearing to be a Christian, saying that we could even perform miracles in His name but, because we never really accepted Him in His Lordship, that He would send us away from Him (Matthew 7:21-23). All of this being the case, we must understand that sin is a reality of life but it is a detrimental aspect. We must flee even the appearance of evil at all costs (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

So, we understand that Christians are capable of evil, but that it is incompatible with their Christianity. It either removes harmony from their lives (poses a barrier between themselves and God), results in a heart change towards sin (falling away from the faith), or reveals their true nature since sin should not exist amongst Christians (being totally incompatible, resulting in the revelation that they were never a Christian).

Okay, so now if we take that knowledge of the nature of sin and the essence of humanity from conception, we can examine abortion to determine compatibility. Having such a sound understanding of the previous points, this will be clear and not require much explanation.

Abortion exists in varying forms, but it always leads to the same result: a child is killed in-utero. Now, if we look back to the commandment to not commit murder, we can see that this act is a violation, a sin, and counteractive to a Christian. If this sin occurs, we still see all other aspects of Biblical dealing with sin exist. For instance, there is healing and forgiveness of sins – that is the prime reason that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. He desired to make a bridge between the law and lawlessness be fulfilling the law and advocating on the behalf of those who violated it. This is the beautiful and unexplainable nature of grace. We also see that when we do commit sin, we must repent and turn to God in order for that forgiveness to take place (Acts 3:19). And, as we discussed earlier, we also see that committing sin can either drive us away from Him complete, or reveal that we never were saved in the first place. If we follow the dictates of science, theology, and logic, all of these principles apply to abortion. For women who have an abortion, there is hope and grace, but they must repent and turn to Him. There are also women who will turn away from Him in their shame and heartache, or they will realize they never were save and, Lord willing, turn to Him for salvation.

In pure essence and by definition, however, abortion is incompatible with being a Christian. The consequences of that incompatibility are varying, but it most certainly is incompatible.

Now, you stated a statistic that most abortions in the U.S. are sought by professing Christians. This is true – about 68.7% of them are either “Protestant” or “Catholic.” But this is not just an unfortunate fact that we should accept and understand, it’s an epidemic. This is the exact reason for this statement. We have allowed a secular culture that is fascinated with sex and death to creep into the church. And, over time, church leaders began to either condone the sin or not address it because it’s too controversial (which translates to them either not being equipped to speak on such topics or being afraid to lose church members). This statement is geared to those who are willingly ignorant and spiritually blind to address their terrible heartache with the reality of its source. Abortion, like so many other sins, is incompatible with Christianity and creates a terrible void that can only be filled by Jesus. This statement is meant to awaken those who are ignorant to that fact and urge them to speak out and protect those who are at risk (especially the youth) or counsel those who are broken. This statement is meant to open the eyes of the spiritually blind to their condition that they may see the cure is close than they know.  We have a church full of Christians that are either facing barriers between themselves and God, are falling away from God, or have never really been in communion with God. All the while, a lost and broken world awaits that church to bring them a saving gospel to alleviate suffering and brokenness that is just as prevalent in the church.

You are also right that we are not saved by works. We are saved by the loving, undeserving grace of Christ Jesus, who came and died for us while we were yet sinners. We are saved by repenting from our sins and turning to His salvation and submitting to His Lordship as we commune and fellowship with Him and expand His kingdom. And again, you are right that the only healing from abortion is that same loving grace that changed our hearts and tamed our rebellious tongues. But, if these things are to take place not only in a dying world, but also in a church that is limping along covering its ears and eyes so that it doesn’t have to tend to its own wounds, we must address the incompatibilities with our faith and expose them as evils that ought not exist in the life of a Christian. Not because our works are good, but because we love Him enough to perform good works. Once we have encountered that beautiful heart change, we will see a works change. And by our works, by our fruits, and by our love, the we will both know Him and the world know Him (Matthew 7:16; James 2:14-26; Hebrews 10:24; Galatians 5:19-26; Titus 2:7-9; Matthew 6:24; Acts 2:38; Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; Romans 6:14).

For these reasons, I posit the following: That greed is incompatible with being a Christian. Anger is incompatible with being a Christian. Lust is incompatible with being a Christian. Envy is incompatible with being a Christian. Lying is incompatible with being a Christian. A poor prayer life is incompatible with being a Christian. Worshipping false idols is incompatible with being a Christian. Sex outside of marriage is incompatible with being a Christian. Homosexuality is incompatible with being a Christian. Not honoring your wife is incompatible with being a Christian. Not honoring your parents is incompatible with being a Christian. Seeking violence is incompatible with being a Christian. Suicide is incompatible with being a Christian. Theft is incompatible with being a Christian. Enmity between the saints is incompatible with being a Christian. Witchcraft is incompatible with being a Christian. And abortion is incompatible with being a Christian.

These things we know to be self-evident.


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