Shaina Edmonds

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Let me tell you about my wife.

She worked tirelessly for 7 months to plan, design, organize, and host the most gracious, serving, moving, and masterful wedding ever. She’s had career wedding-attenders say that they have never seen a more beautiful wedding, people who are emotional boulders get weepy, and more compliments on the passionate atmosphere than she knows what to do with. This is a testament to her selfless heart of a servant, which doesn’t seek to be glorified, but to love those around her. My view of the world and of the people in it, as a pastor/pro-lifer/healer, doesn’t hold a candle to the way she sees things. I can’t begin to understand or describe it. It’s like the world is looking for a way to fulfill the law, and she is drawing the line in the sand. Every single day. And it inspires me beyond compare. On the one day that is centrally focused on her and her life to come, she literally got on her knees and washed the feet of those who brought her here.

ShainaOn top of those 7 months of tireless planning, she worked tirelessly at her job to improve and elevate a strong community cornerstone to operate and serve others better. She started as an afterschool worker, and now is one on a very short list of top individuals in charge. While the work became tough and even frustrating at times, she still looks and loves her job because she understands that she is good at it. Heck, she’s good at anything she does. She feels fulfilled in her work and takes pride in her abilities. This is a testament to her nature as a born leader. Some understand service while some understand skill, but she understands both. She can interact with those around her, whether they are higher in authority, equal, or beneath her in authority, and lead them by her soft and guided demeanor to a sound vision. It’s the reason I understand that she is usually right, and I’m comfortable with submitting to that despite whomever I feel I am or what skills I have.

Through those 7 months, the 1 month since we’ve been married, and the 23 years previous, it’s all been a path of vision. She has always looked behind, then looked ahead, and seen exactly what needs to be done to be successful. She’s never seen the world in a shade of gray, because she always knows where the line is to excel. This is largely why she could do anything she wanted to – absolutely anything in the world – and be successful. She doesn’t even need to know how to do it now, because she would learn it, master it, and end up teaching everyone else how they could have been doing it better all along. She looked at a poor 20 year old punk kid who was called to be her husband, and cast a vision for a relationship filled with grace and love, a marriage filled with passion and joy, and a life covered by faith and fulfillment. She looked at a weed-filled yard that she would become a steward of and cast a vision for a fruitful bounty that would yield food and nourishment for those who rules over it. She even looked in the house and cast a vision for a warm, inviting, comforting haven filled with attractive colors and healthy food. She took me and made me a man, she took a house and made it a home, she took a marriage and made it a beacon. With her vision, there isn’t anything she can’t do.

Finding that vision was simple, because she understood the principle on which every success and joy is based: look to Christ and trust His lead. Ever since I met her, I’ve watched her divide bone and marrow to walk in truth, grace, love, hope, faith, self-control, and every other conceivable characteristic of Christ. It’s helped define me as a man, out relationship, our ministry, and the life that we live together. Christ has been her cornerstone, and she has never let go. I know she never will. Because of that, I know she’ll always honor me in our marriage, and I’ll always be able to love her no matter what. I know we’ll grow in our love. I know our mistakes won’t taint or slow us down. I know we’ll be fruitful in life and not have to worry about the material things. I know she’ll always challenge me to grow and increase in vision and understanding. I know she’ll always be the woman I married.

She does challenge me. Continually. Whether it’s learning new ways to love her and love others, how to view the world around me, how to serve better, how to understand grace more deeply, how to keep my brain on planet Earth every now and again, how to laugh harder, how to think longer, how to speak slower, how to discern faster, and how to be better. She challenges me. If she didn’t I’d always be the same 21 year old punk kid who is called to be her husband, but stumbling through how to actually be her husband.

Strangely, she has led me as much as I’ve led her. I looked up to many examples of how to be a good husband, a strong leader, a stable lover. I read through the Gospels and tried to understand and become more like Jesus in His interactions with those around Him. I watched my dad and her dad to see how they viewed marriage and followed through on their commitments and values. But some of my best pointers on how to be her husband have come from watching and learning who she is. She wakes up early every morning and makes me breakfast and prepares my lunch for the day. She walks me to the door and holds my head in her hands and kisses my lips for a full 10 seconds, looks me in the eyes, and tells me she loves me. She makes me text her when I get to work so she knows I’m safe. She talks with me through the day. She gets home before me and has a delicious dinner ready to eat when I walk in the door. She holds my hand and prays with me before every meal. She sits close to me on the couch and puts her arms around me. She holds my hand every time we drive in the car. She tells me she’s glad I’m home and that she missed me. She’s perfect.

She is, simply, the best wife on the planet. Cliché, I know. But in my heart, I know that’s true. Not to insult any other wife or husband, I’m sure many are very nice. But, mine is simply the best. No arguing or comparing or contesting could convince me otherwise.

Physically, I’m healthier. Emotionally, I’m happier and more fulfilled. Spiritually, I’m stronger and fortified. Life is, simply put, better because she is in it. I recognize and honor those who molded and put her here (Christ, her parents), but I recognize the value and worth is uniquely within her.

Politics, religion, culture, circumstance, rulers, nations, laws, customs, finances, visions, race, rights, gender, statistics, polls, time, deadlines, distance, cost, opinions, verdicts, rallies, schedules, growth, loss – they mean nothing to her. Because she knows who she is, what she is, where she’s going, and how she’s gonna do it. Passionate. Fearless. Caution, meet wind. Nail, meet hammer. That’s her. That’s joy. That’s love. That’s my wife.


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