By Liz Reed, Executive Director of Georgia Businesses for Life

The Girl Scouts…My initial thoughts are of my own few years in the Scouts as a young girl. Selling cookies, earning badges, going to campouts, reading Bible stories around a camp fire, spending precious time with my mother who worked 3 jobs and yet still had time for every scouting event. Those memories are probably some of the most precious that I carry with me from my childhood.

I’m certain that for most Americans, this warm, fuzzy, sentimental reaction is pretty standard when considering the Girl Scouts. It is an organization that we trust, one that we turn our daughters to in complete faith that only good things will come of it.

Which is precisely why the conservative community is expressing such an outrage to the exposure of the once-so-innocent group’s ties to and outright support of pro-abortion organizations.  As a community, we are shell-shocked to discover their over $1 million per year contribution to a worldwide organization known for advocating ‘sexual and reproductive rights’ (code for abortion) and to learn of their participation in and support of the May 2013 Women Deliver conference; which hosted speakers such as late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart; philosopher Peter Singer, who supports infanticide and euthanasia; and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who is currently under investigation by a congressional committee. Other attendees included Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the United Nations Population Fund. The title of one of the speeches given at the conference was “Why I perform Abortions.”

Mothers and fathers are appalled that they have placed their trust, and their daughters, in an organization that is making a very clear statement that they are not only not neutral on the subject, as they once promised to remain, but that they are decidedly pro-abortion. Their participation in this conference, and their continued monetary and public support of Planned Parenthood and The Coalition for Adolescent Girls, a group that supports and distributes comprehensive sex education (taking the ‘birds and bees’ talk away from parents) and abortion related care for young girls, is downright shocking and reprehensible.

As Christians living in a nation based on Christian morals, as Americans raising families in the “Land of the Free,” we feel betrayed. We are forced to question everything. We are asking ourselves, ‘Are we really letting our daughters participate in an organization that supports teaching 11 year olds about anal intercourse?’

We are outraged. Families are making commitments to never buy girl scouts cookies again and are looking at alternatives for scouting, such as the American Heritage Girls. Personally, I made this decision a few years ago after first learning about the Girl Scouts growing support and increasing public opinion in regards to abortion; and I am beaming with pride at my fellow Americans choosing to take the same stand for their families, for their daughters. But I am forced to point out to those taking this stand that the shocking ties and support for pro-abortion organizations in our society does not begin and end with the Girl Scouts. It is much, much deeper and much more sinister than that. Planned Parenthood has its claws sunk so deeply into the very fabric of this country that it would probably be easier for me to tell you where you WON’T find them than where you will.

Despite the existence of the Hyde Amendment, banning use of federal funds for abortion-related services; Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, currently receives 1/3  (roughly $345 million) of their income from Federal tax dollars. Another $244 million comes from sponsors, businesses, and charities that support their mission [1].

Other than contacting our elected officials and making our voices heard, there is little we can do about the $345 million Planned Parenthood receives from your tax dollars; but there IS something we can do about the other roughly $244 million they receive from businesses, organizations, and charities. These are places you and I shop, eat, work, and live. And the loudest noise we can make and easiest stand we can take is to no longer purchase products or services from businesses that support organizations like Planned Parenthood. Money talks, ladies and gentlemen. And, when we take our money away from businesses who directly or indirectly support the slaughter of innocent children and the moral degradation of our society, they will hear us loud and clear and they will be forced to change something or go out of business.

About 20 years ago, AT&T took this stand once they learned what Planned Parenthood was really about [2]. Planned Parenthood tried to bully them, much like they did recently with Susan G. Komen, but AT&T stood strong in their conviction to remove their monetary support for such a morally bankrupt organization. AT&T took a stand for families, for morals, and for LIFE. And it is our duty, our calling, and our mission to DEMAND that every other business that supports Planned Parenthood follow in AT&T’s footsteps.

Remember your shock and outrage upon learning that Susan G. Komen, a breast cancer research charity, donated funds to Planned Parenthood, who performs exactly ZERO mammograms per year? You would be equally shocked to know that The March of Dimes, a charity who describes itself as being committed to ending premature births and promoting healthy pregnancies, also donates funds and provides yearly grants to Planned Parenthood [3].

  • For those that don’t know, you are 3 times more likely to give birth to a premature baby if you’ve had an abortion before, five times more likely if you’ve had two, and nine times more likely with three or more [4]. So, to me, it seems a little counter-productive to provide grants to an organization CAUSING the very thing they are trying to prevent. But maybe I’m just crazy.

Another well known, household name who we all have come to trust is Johnson & Johnson. You can’t be invited to a baby shower and not see a gift with the Johnson & Johnson logo on it. The majority of their products are directed towards the care of infants, yet they donated roughly $1 million to abortion-providing Planned Parenthood in the last two years alone. So, again, it just seems like a bad business decision to support killing off their customer base.

Planned Parenthood has sunk its teeth into almost every big name in our market place today. Other businesses, charities, and organizations include: The American Red Cross, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), General Electric (GE), Kroger, Whole Food Market, Suntrust Bank, JP Morgan Chase (Chase Bank), WellsFargo, Darden Restuarants (think Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorns, etc), Unicef, UnitedWay, Home Depot, Ebay, PayPal, Frito Lay, Pepsi-Co, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Hilton and Marriot Hotel chains, and the list goes on [5]. I could go on, but I’d be writing until next Thursday.

Now, I realize that’s a pretty overwhelming amount of contributors, but it isn’t even the beginning. For a full list, please visit the Georgia Businesses for Life Facebook page or

My purpose in revealing these businesses to you is to expose the vast net Planned Parenthood has cast over our nation. It really is almost to the point to where you cannot purchase any brand name product in a grocery store without some of your money supporting Planned Parenthood.

I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘…I chose life, and I teach my kids to, so why should I care?’ You should care, friend, because this isn’t about abortion. I know I’m throwing you off, but stay with me. Planned Parenthood does perform abortions, yes, and it is absolutely reprehensible and we will continue to fight for the rights of EVERY person to live. But what is even more appalling is that they create the NEED for abortions in the first place.

Planned Parenthood seeks out your children, much like the Bible verse warning us that the enemy is like a lion seeking to kill, steal, and destroy. Planned Parenthood goes into our public school system, whispering their appealing slogans and fancy words in the ears of our children, exposing our children (as young as 9 years old) to sexually explicit content, pictures and videos, and encouraging them to experiment with masturbation and oral/anal sex to ‘preserve’ their virginity.…I’m sorry… WHAT?! Hey, Planned Parenthood, last time I checked, the birds and the bees talk is one that is MY job to have with MY children. Why don’t YOU stay out of MY CHILD’S bedroom, hmmm?

Planned Parenthood encourages our sons and daughter to embrace sex, convinces them that talking to their parents is a dead-end street, that we couldn’t possibly understand what our children are feeling or experiencing. The organization alienates our children from us, encourages them to reach out their peers in their quest to understand raging hormones and desires, provides them with cheap and in-effective birth control, and when *SHOCK AND SURPRISE* an unplanned pregnancy does occur, they invite our daughters into their clinics without our knowledge, and tell her that killing her child is the only option. And then, they kill our grandchild and create a gaping wound in the heart of our child. One that we cannot even attempt to try to help heal or comfort because we don’t even know that it has occurred [6].

Our issue isn’t only abortion when it comes to Planned Parenthood. Our issue is that they are seeking to destroy our families. They are whispering appealing lies into the ears of our children, and we can’t even fight it because we don’t know it’s going on. They are slowing eroding the very foundation of this country. As long as they are making money, they honestly don’t care who is getting hurt. Live Action’s Lila Rose has revealed many instances where they have covered up rape, sex trafficking, domestic abuse, underage abortions, and child molestation; further proving that their claims of wanting to advance the rights of women and provide help to low-income women to be completely false.

Are you going to sit back and let them steal your children with dirty, sleazy advertisements like this? Or are you going to do something?

When you donate funds, contract with other businesses that donate funds, or shop with companies that donate funds, you are directly supporting a company that performs abortions. You are supporting a company that consistently lies to women and tells them that the key to female liberation is murdering their unborn children.

Take a pledge. Today. Pledge to obtain a list of companies, organizations, and charities that support Planned Parenthood, and pledge to not spend a single dime ever again on any of their products or services.

Why should you take this boycott pledge?

Because it is up to people like you to hit the lucrative abortion industry where it hurts: in their wallet.

Because if you don’t take a stand to support life, who will?

Because you deserve to know that your money is going towards causes you believe in.

Because children need an advocate. They need a voice.

You should take this stand…. Because you are that voice.

  1. Planned Parenthood Annual Report 2011-2012
  2. Seattle Times. April 13, 1990
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  4. Time Magazine, Study Links Abortions and Preemies, December 18th, 2007
  5. Life Decisions International, The Boycott List, 2012
  6. “Selling Teen Abortions: Parents Beware” By Carol Everett

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