So What’s The Point?

So, I started this blog so that I can post my entries somewhere that people who don’t have a facebook can see it, and so that I can link it onto

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my entries, and I’ve also gotten a lot of negative feedback. Some people think that I don’t consider other scenarios of influence when I talk about my subject matter. I do deal with my entries very matter-of-factly. Honestly, because I think that the majority of humankind respond to their lives matter-of-factly, even if outside influences cause their options to vary. That being said, I think my perspectives are fair. I try to approach it from an every-day-person sort of perspective, work through it like anyone else would, then come to a conclusion based on Scripture and logic (which work wonders together).

In summation: I just want to post about real life ideas, thought through in a real life way, with extraordinary life possibilities.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

  1. KaTy says:

    You are great.

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